We are living in a “always on - data everywhere” world. Things we used to look at or act upon, as we felt the need, are now being done instantaneously. In this connected world, everyone seems to be going for a smart phone so isn't it time we go for a smart way of building software technology products?

Our focus is also to build intelligent systems which keeps learning as time goes by. The actionable insights you get from RTAP (patent pending technology) helps reduce costs, allocate resources optimally and hence accelerate your time to market.

RTAP's unique process mining technology for software engineering & testing enables you to know where you need to take corrective actions (descriptive analytics), what actions you could potentially take (prescriptive analytics) and what the resultant outcome could be (predictive analytics).

Adopting RTAP is easy and fast. It integrates with your existing systems. RTAP continuously enriches its machine learning models based on data coming from several sources/systems to enable smarter decisions as time goes by. We integrate with ...

Test Management

Service / Incident Management

People / Time Management

Code Analysis

Continuous Integration

Market Sentiments