Adoption Methodology

Proof of concept (POC) is a technology adoption process that we use to demonstrate how a theoretical solution will work in a real world scenario using RTAP. Through this method our customers are able to eliminate the risks associated with unknowns before a full-fledged project starts. It also limits the initial spend on analytics technology adoption. So you get to see what you had in mind using RTAP in an actual instance hosted by us using a sliver of data provided by you. Usually a typical POC is shown to you in about a month’s time.

The uniqueness of an RTAP proof of concept instance is that it is built on the real platform so everything scales up to the final solution. So the time, effort and even the cost involved in building the POC is incrementally utilized in the full scale version. We have several success stories with customers taking this route with us and most of them have now progressed into full scale production RTAP system.