AI for Testing

We are living in a smart and connected world. In this world, it is becoming exceedingly difficult to make sense of data that is getting updated in real time. As time goes by, heuristic methods of decisioning are getting enhanced ( and eventually replaced ) by some form of AI technology. However, until now, adoption of AI technology for enterprises has been an expensive, uncertain and a long drawn affair. Not anymore!

RTAP's (patent pending) AI in a BOX, design enables fast, easy and cost-effective adoption of machine learning technology for software engineering & testing process. RTAP can be embedded in any enterprise function and quickly make your existing system more cognitive ( self-learning ).

Our goal is to encourage rapid adoption of AI technology and shortening your "tools to solution" journey.

RTAP is not a Platform or a set of Tools to build Machine Learning solutions.

RTAP is an AI Solution and comes with everything you need ( Data Science + Learning Models + Visualization ) to make smart decisions.

RTAP is already proven to be very useful in Software Engineering & Testing Processes and is providing significant productivity gains to our marquee customers. RTAP can truly transform the way you build and deliver world class products to the markets you serve.

Machine Learning Application
For Defect Prevention in Software Engineering & Testing Process

RTAP provides the tools and the intelligence necessary to make smarter decisions while building technology products. RTAP is built using advanced AI (Machine Learning) technology. RTAP has self-learning algorithms to analyze data and builds intelligence over time. RTAP has all the necessary data management utilities, learning algorithms, visualization tools and domain expertise necessary for this use case.

RTAP is available for both cloud and in-premise distributions.

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Defect Prevention

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To amplify human capability with AI

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